Asset | Strategy & Logistics

Asset | Strategy & Logistics is the study association for students with an interest in strategy and logistics at Tilburg University. We support students in the (Pre-)Master programs Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management. We also support the bachelor Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation students with an interest in Organization, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Our study association has three objectives:

1. Linking study to business
Asset | Strategy & Logistics gets students in contact with companies that are active in the fields of strategy, logistics, entrepreneurship and business innovation. This way, students can directly relate their study towards business. Also, the chances of finding a job or internship can be increased this way. Asset | Strategy & Logistics organizes several activities to get students in contact with companies. Some of our events are the Consultancy Days, the Supply Chain Day, the Start-up Dinner, the Supply Chain Battle and the Supply Chain Speeddating event.

2. Study support
The most important way of supporting students during their study is by providing them guidelines for courses in both their master and bachelor programs.

3. Study enrichment
Besides supporting students, Asset | Strategy & Logistics gives students the opportunity to get more out of their study period. Becoming active gives students the chance to organize the activities themselves and develop their teambuilding and organizational skills. Next to this, it also helps to improve their resume. We also provide the chance to get your certificate of achievements.

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