CV Tips

With your permission, your curriculum vitae will be sent to the participating companies. This might be your chance to get an internship or your first job! We have some tips for you that might be helpful to adjust your CV in a way that you stand out for the recruiters.

When making your CV remember the following:

  • Recruiters have to screen a lot of CVs in a short period
  • Recruiters are looking for those qualities and experiences that are relevant for the position that they need to fill.
  • Work experience, a board year, foreign exchange periods, and voluntary work look good on your resume. Interesting hobbies, like playing an instrument, will make you noticeable as well.


A photo on your CV gives the recruiter directly a connection with you. You don’t need a professional photoshoot, but holiday photos are not done. If you don’t have a professional photo ask a roommate or friend to take one. Make sure: to have a neutral background, a representative shirt, make eye contact with the camera, and smile.


Give your CV structure. We recommend the following: start with your personal details (extra tip: add an URL to your LinkedIn profile), your education, followed by work experience, internships, and conclude with extra curriculum activities. Make sure to state the period, function title, and organization. You can add a little description, but not more than two sentences, or just use bullet points.


You can make the most amazing CVs using Photoshop, Affinity, and InDesign. However, that takes a lot of skill and time. With standard software like Word and Pages, there are already a lot of possibilities. Try using some shapes and colors to make your CV stand out.