Frequently Asked Question


Will the supply Chain days 2021 take place online or at the Koning Willem II Stadion?
Due to the Covid-19 situation we cant garantee that the event will take place offline. Our goal is to have the event offline at the Koning Willem II Stadion but if the situation changes we might have to move the event online.


How much does it cost to participate at the Supply Chain Days and how can I pay?
The participation fee is €3,- for Asset members and €5,- for non-Asset members. Your participation fee will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account several weeks after the event. If you do not have an IBAN, we ask you to pay in cash at the registration desk when picking up your name tag. When you subscribe for both days, you pay the participation fee only once!


Am I able to participate in the Supply Chain Days while I’m not a student at Tilburg University?
The Supply Chain Days is an event made for participating companies and students of Tilburg University to meet each other. Therefore, students who do not study at the Tilburg University are not able to participate.


If I subscribe for the Supply Chain Days, how can I participate in the lunch and network drinks?
When you subscribe for one of the days you can participate in the network drinks for sure. However, the lunches are based on a CV -selection, done by the companies.


Where can I find my day schedule for the Supply Chain Days after registration?
After the companies selected students for their CV-selection activities, a specific program will be made for every participating student. We will notify you when you have been selected for the lunches.


I am a recruiter and would like my company to participate in the Supply Chain Days. What should I do?
Acquisition for the Supply Chain Days 2021 has started. Please send an email to supplychainday@asset-strategylogistics.nl to request the brochure and information about Supply Chain Days 2021. 


I just registered for the Supply Chain Days, but what should I wear?
During the Supply Chain Days the dress code is business casual.