Founded in 1993, Slimstock has become the market leader in inventory optimisation in Europe, with
more than 650 customers and 3,500 users. Our complete software package, Slim4, contains forecasting, demand planning and inventory management, helping you to get the right inventory to the right place at the right time.
Beside software solutions, we also offer project based support and professional services, including
coaching, analysis, and interim professional support. We showcase our knowledge and experience at
international events, and we also offer our own qualifications and training programs.
Career development of young supply chain talent is very important at Slimstock. By investing in the
careers of ambitious students we contribute to the overall knowledge development within our field of expertise. Therefore, we annually hand out three Slimstock Scholarships worth € 4000,- to ambitious Dutch Master students.
Also, talented young professionals are invited to take part in our Top Talent Programme. Every year, you can win a place in this exclusive traineeship by doing the National Inventory Test.
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