Who are we?

It all started when Frederik and Gerald Philips opened a small factory in Eindhoven to manufacture light bulbs. Since then we’ve grown into a leading, global health technology company with 80,000+ employees, whose ambition is to improve the lives of 3 billion people, every year, by 2025. We could never have predicted over a century ago that we’d be where we are today.  But that’s the beauty of the unexpected.

Plenty of people surprise themselves when they work with us. Will you?

Supply Chain

Make a meaningful difference to the world as well as the next step in your career. At Philips, we operate in some of the fastest moving and most complex markets in the world. We’ll encourage you to manage our supply chains clearly and decisively while caring for the people and world around us.

The perfect springboard

Philips is a great place to kick off your career. You can put your education into practice in an environment where sharing knowledge, fresh input and co-creation is highly valued.  No matter your role within the company, you’ll be learning all the time. You’ll constantly pick up insights and experience on-the-job, plus benefit from extensive learning programs, personalized peer coaching and mentoring.

And who knows – you may be presented with opportunities you never dreamt of having. It’s definitely possible that, at Philips, your life could take a surprising new direction.